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We purchase Real Estate that needs to be improved, updated and be brought to market’s demands and needs. 

Diligent work is done in the selection of properties to be purchased and developed by FIDELIUS REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES.  The guidelines are basic:  Well located properties, where regional conditions provide good opportunities for development and obtain attractive benefits.

We have established a very strong, and solid group of professionals, to perform our work and achieve our goals. Our group is conformed of very professional Realtors, Architects, General Contractors, Title Companies, Lawyers, Private Lenders, and Financial Advisors.

We possess several modalities, for the development of Real Estate.  From cash purchases to  acquisitions with standard credit modalities, and in between options.   Our company gathers and assembles  private investors that possess liquid assets, and launch projects in which we share the gains produced or provide interest with a high return.​